Friday, 24 October 2008

January Moths

There are a few about in January Charlie and when running the MV light at Park Road, I rarely blanked even on the worst nights. I was unusual in being just about in Park Wood with my back garden and most winter flying moths occur in woodland. My one tip would be to make sure you get the light on or get out looking before dusk as the first hour of dusk can be the only time all night that moths move if the sky is clearing and temperatures dropping. The list below is the the species list for my MV trap in January from 2000 to 2004. Spring Usher earliest date 3rd January, lastest date 26th February

Light Brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana)

Acleris ferrugana/notana

Tortricodes alternella

Ypsolopha ustella

Winter Moth (Operophtera brumata)

Pale Brindled Beauty (Phigalia pilosaria)

Mottled Umber (Erannis defoliaria)

Scarce Umber (Agriopis aurantiaria)

Satellite (Eupsilia transversa)

Chestnnut(Conistra vaccinii)

Northern Winter Moth (Operophtera fagata)

Dotted Border (Agriopis marginaria)


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

I forgot to add that the only species I recorded as an adult in every month of the year was Light Brown Apple Moth

AndyC said...

What about December moth has it ever been recorded in Calderdale would be one to look for over the winter months.In Sutton and Beaumont it states commonly found in all five VC's in well wooded areas.???any one got any ideas.?