Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sugaring at Gorpley Clough(sunday eve)

Rain,high winds and clearing skies didn't make us feel very optimistic as we sugared the trees at Gorpley Clough ,but as the light faded we were soon recording moths..
15 Chestnut
11 Brick
4 Satellite
2 Winter Moths
2 Yellow Line Quaker
1 Angle Shades
1 Red Sword Grass
A real cracking evening and well worth the effort,good to see Brian and photo's to follow from Charlie


Nick Carter said...

Bloody hell, I didn't think you would have gone, we set off but turned back in foul weather! Well done chaps.

charlie streets said...

Yes Nick,I had my reservations to say the least but towards the end it was a calm and reasonably mild night and the sky was black and full of stars - no wonder they built an observatory up there.

Thanks to Andy for the lift and Brian for his dedication and local knowledge.