Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Photo Gallery

Hi all,the photo gallery has now just short of 100 species in it,If any one has any photo's of species not on the gallery please could they add to or send me there photo's.I propose to have the gallery closed on mondays(or any day) to add photo's if this is ok with everybody.? I will send an invite to anybody who has photos to add.


Chris said...


I have photos that can be added to the album, but do not have a copy of the numbers that go with them. Is there an interet site that gives numbers and common names? or does anyone have a list in word or excel they could email to me?

Also just read the bit about a brindled ocre, tried to google an image of it but nothing came up, any idea where I might find a photo of it. I will keep a look out as we do some dry stone walling later in the year.

Chris said...


Just another thought, are you wanting photos of caterpillars? or will that complicate matters.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

I have hundreds of Slides of Moths I have trapped so if anyone has a slide scanner you could quickly top up the images.

A suggestion for larval photos; why not add a capital "L" next to the bradley number and then it should fall in correct sequence but split it from the imago ?

charlie streets said...

Chris, try googling Brindled Ochre.

Chris said...


Thanks, I got an image now.

AndyC said...

Hi all,
Chris if you click on the UKmoths link you will find all the info you need about numbers/pic of B Ocre,all photos of larvae/mac/micros are welcome on the gallery as long as they are taken in Calderdale.I am going to send an invite to everyone on Friday so they can upload there photo's over this week end.

drepana said...

Hi Andy

You have got a big job on your hands here. Well done and good luck