Sunday, 12 October 2008

Juniper Pug ?

I had this Pug on Friday night and think it may be a melanistic Juniper Pug - British & Irish Pug Moths state that Juniper Pug occurs until late September so it is just a little late, any ideas?

Few other Moths so far this month include Angel Shades, Silver Y, November Moth spp, Red-green Carpet, Brick and Yellow-line Quaker, very quite,


Yellow-line Quaker

November Moth spp - either November or Pale November Moth

Silver Y

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AndyC said...

Its a tough one ,another examination to be sure,did you get wing measurements.?.Only other moths up here have been Chestnut,barred sallow,Common M + spruce Carpet,Red Line Quaker and Blair's Shoulder Knot