Monday, 13 October 2008

Photo Gallery

Hi all,many thanks to everyone who uploaded photos over the weekend .There are now nearly 200 species listed and we should be able to get up to 300 in the near future.And maybe 400+ by this time next year.If you click on view and then thumbnails it gies you a better view of the photos.many thanks Andy


charlie streets said...

Hi Andy,

Yes,the gallery's looking good, there's some great looking photos in there. I still think that date, location and photographer should be included at some stage for all pics as the extra info makes for a much more interesting browse.
What about a gallery for dragon/damselflies as well as I for one would like to see what's been seen in Calderdale? Maybe stick it on the end of the lep gallery?

AndyC said...

yep I agree,I will have to av a word with Darell and see what he can do.I will fill in dates etc when i get a little more time.