Sunday, 14 March 2010

Heather larvae 2

Larvae swept from heather yesterday at Shibden ,I reckon its the same as the ones Charlie swept at Norland about 6mm and a micro larvae found on gorse?? .Collected E.Sangii from H.Beaumont at the YNU meeting last week,a first for calderdale taken at light at N.Carters house last year.The S,aurella mines are common on bramble throughout calderdale at the moment this is in my back garden.


brian leecy said...

Andy,they are Heath Rustics,another 1 that seems fairly common ont tops on heather,theres some pics of green/brown forms on the blog.

Nick Carter said...

Wow, a first for Calderdale cheers Andy!

charlie streets said...

Only the forth record for Yorkshire at the time Nick, although that's down to people not searching for it as it's nowhere near as rare as records suggest.

Had another go at heather sweeping up Norland today.

Chestnut 1
Acleris hyemana (very worn) 1

Northern Eggar 2
(Possible)Neglected Rustic 5
Unknown 1

Of interest to the birders amongst you was a sandpiper sp. briefly seen from the bridge at the recycling plant at Sowerby Bridge. I think it's at the junction of Fall Lane and mereclough road?
As I stopped to let vehicles pass I looked down onto the Calder and it appeared from underneath the bridge showing Common Sandpiper type wing bars.It landed briefly on the bank before scooting off up stream in typical sandpiper fashion.It's a while since I've seen a Common Sandpiper in Calderdale so I'm not sure how early this one is?

AndyC said...

Cheers Bri,heath rustic looks good .If the weather holds im ok for Friday this week for a bit of larvae hunting..???

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Charlie. If your Sandpiper was a Common then this would be a very early record, I think the earliest is around 1st April with most arriving well into the month. I'll post your comment on Calderbirds if thats OK it might prompt someone to go and have a look.

charlie streets said...

I'll leave it to you Nick - I don't want people to go on a wild goose chase on my say so,it could be in another country by now :-)

Also,I wouldn't assign it to any particular species as there is a VERY slim possibility it may have been an over wintering spotted.

Nick Carter said...

There was a record of "Common" Sand at Elland GP during the winter many years ago, I'll bet that wasn't checked for Spotted at the time! Interestingly that site did host a Spotted some years later.

charlie streets said...

June 1990 if my memory serves me. Me and Darrell had just got back from a week at Spurn a few days earlier where it was relatively quiet.Then a summer plumaged Spotted Sandpiper turns up on our doorstep staying for weeks and getting to "know" the local Common Sandpipers - typical yank.