Sunday, 28 March 2010

Knott Wood sat night

Mottled Grey

Red Chestnut

Met with Bri,Winston and Martyn at Knott wood last night, in Northowram the wind was cold and the skies clear whilst at Hebden it was pleasantly mild with light wind.A good catch followed for the time of year.One Orange underwing was seen whilst setting up ---
Common Quaker 40+
Chestnut 8
Satellite 3(white spots)
Twin Spotted quaker 6
Yellow Horned 10
Mottled Grey 6
Hebrew Character 2
Clouded drab 7
Engrailed 3
Red Chestnut 6
Diurnea fagella 3
Although most were attracted to light all species were also found by searching tree trunks with a torch.


Nick Carter said...

One each of Small Quaker and Yellow horned for us last night

martynbirder said...

Hebrew Character and Early Grey here,

Andy you forgot the Turkey site guide, come and get it any evening


AndyC said...

Nice Martyn will do.

Winston said...

Hi all, a great night last night. when I got back home less than a mile away - 1 Hebrew character, 1 comm quaker and 1 chestnut

charlie streets said...

Nice to see you getting good numbers of moths now, it seems the long hard winter is well and truly behind us.Also good to see some shrubs and trees coming into leaf - a truly heartening time of year.

AndyC said...

sorry no pics yet ,upload probs

brian leecy said...

Good stuff,especially how its changing again,had a walk round Callis Wood a biting wind blowing ! 1 small tort and that was it. Stubbings Wharf seemed a better option !

brian leecy said...

forgot to mention,saw a Comma on the 21 03 10 at Knottwood also,at least 1 successfully overwintered.Bri.