Friday, 29 October 2010

No Moth Night

National Moth Night – a statement from Atropos and Butterfly Conservation

National Moth Night has become a national institution since it started in 1999. It has proved

hugely successful with over 1000 sites returning records annually, hundreds of public events

introducing newcomers to the wonders of moth recording, and massive media coverage raising

awareness of the much-maligned moth. Many thanks to all those who have taken part and

helped achieve this success.

Now the event has reached a crossroads. The cycle of repeated NMN events in different months

of the year has been completed and, as the event has grown, so have the resources required to

manage NMN, to the point that it is not sustainable in its current format. Atropos and Butterfly

Conservation have agreed that there will be no National Moth Night in 2011. The time will be

used instead to regroup, reconfigure and reinvigorate NMN in preparation for the 2012 event.

If you have suggestions for the future of NMN, we would be very glad to receive them via Please be assured that your views will be considered, but we

regret that we will not be able to respond individually to such emails.

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