Sunday, 10 October 2010

Over the weekend

Speckled wood and small Tortoiseshell in the garden today  and on the trap over the last couple of nights Feathered ranunculus,Angle shades , Silver Y ,Blairs Shoulder Knot(15)Black Rustic,Light Brown Apple Moth Red Green and Common Marbled carpets.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Andy
Cracking weekend here on the Llyn, shorts and t/shirts weather, we got sunburned Sunday! Large numbers of Red Admiral, seen in dozens at a time on Ivy Flowers. Decent numbers of Silver Y also, so it looks like a wave of migrant activity late last week.

Butterflies seen flying here over the weekend
Small Tortoishell
Red Admiral
Large White
the Wall
Small Heath
Small Copper (lots of these)

Lots of darter dragons about as well, probably Common/Ruddy but we did not get the bins on any to be sure of a positive ID

Not entomological but we did have a huge group of Harbour Porpoises just off Nefyn Point yesterday morning. Around 100+ in small pods of 6 or so individuals.

AndyC said...

Thick fog here for most of the weekend sounds like you gat the Indian summer we were promised..Harbour Porpoises must have been a great site........

Steve Blacksmith said...

Paul, that is a remarkable count of porpoises. They have got rare or gone from many of their former bays. They used to be always there in small numbers on our summer hols in Scarborough in the 60s, but no longer.