Monday, 4 July 2016

Castle Carr

I had a walk on part of Warley Moor above and to the east of Castle Carr this morning, a beautiful day to be out on the moor. I came across this little gem but haven't identified it yet. It got quite attached to my binoculars and didn't seem to want to depart from them !!

Also nearby along Castle Carr Road near the Top Lodge
Ringlet x 1
Large Skippers x 2


Colin D said...

This is a fly of the Sawfly Family ( Symphyta) it can be identified to Genus as Rhogogaster ( normally the solid wing cell is black but on this genus it is Green It is likely Rhogogaster viridis but there is one other possible similar It can be confused with tenthredo mesomela another green sawfly species but it has black wing cell and differnent patterns

Colin D said...

I should have added this is Hymenoptera and the name Saw * fly is misleading it actually has two pairs of wings and is a member of the Bee/Wasp family

David Sutcliffe said...

Thanks for the info Colin, that's great.