Monday, 4 July 2016

Lee Mount - 3rd July

From last night - still struggling with these Y's  !
I've been trying to sort these two out on and off today and can't reach a conclusion as they look so different ! Perhaps the shots aren't just good any help would be appreciated.
I kept going back to Beautiful Golden Y but am not fully convinced

Also the three shots below are the same moth in different poses - a Flame I suspect c16mm wing length

Also from last night in addition to the above
Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix x 4
Brimstone Moth x 2
Silver Y x 1
Peppered Moth x 1
Flame Shoulder x 1
Heart and Dart x 1
Large Yellow Underwing x 1
Dark Arches x 3
Diamond-back Moth
Green Oak Tortrix x 2
Eudonia x 1
unidentified micro x 1 below which I think could be (?) Plum Tortrix

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