Saturday, 23 July 2016

Lee Mount - 22nd July 2016

W light breeze but sheltered in the garden, cloudy 15c with the moon appearing later on towards midnight.
Seemed like  a lot of moths for here+ a large beetle - all kept me busy till midnight.

Siver Y x 1 - nectering on Bergenia cordata before dusk
Brimstone Moth x 1
Small Fan-footed Wave x 4
Swallowtail Moth x 5
Large Yellow Underwing x 17
Marbled Beauty x 4
Buff Arches x 1 - very pale - see photo ! - well I think it must be ?
Ingrailed Clay x 1
Riband Wave x 2
Common Footman x 1
Euodonia types x 20+
Straw Dot x 3
Garden Pebble x 1
Bird-cherry Ermine x 2
Least Yellow Underwing - photo below to check - it was yellow and dark underwing briefly
Plain Golden Y x 1
Rivulet type x 1- photo to check - Small Rivulet
Common Carpet x 1
Fan-foot x 1
Small Angle Shades x 1
Unidentified as yet - photo below - think - Square Spot Rustic
A few micros I didn't get around to !

 Beetle - Nicrophorus investigator we think - and covered in mites - no wonder it was wriggling about !! Black and Orange burying beetles if we are on the right track.

 Marbled Beauty in camouflage - nearly trod on it on the paving

 Think this must be just a pale Buff Arches

 Not identified this one yet - think Square Spot Rustic

Rivulet maybe but not sure which one. It looked Garden Carpet size but couldn't get to measure it as it disappeared - Small Rivulet (update)

Think this must be a Least Yellow Underwing


Colin D said...

70.133 BF1803 Small Rivulet Perizoma alchemillata second above double indents on forewing next to body

AndyC said...

Keep an eye out for Plain will get one or two if you look closely at all riband waves.........................

David Sutcliffe said...

Ta Andy - so just checked all me recent photo's of Riband just in case I missed a Plain. I try to get photos of as many as I can just in case I get some wrong.!
Thanks for the tip on the Small Rivulet as well Colin.