Friday, 29 July 2016

Lee Mount - Thursday 28th July

Pretty quiet last night, though it was cooler than recent evenings 13c with rain threatening.
This moth below was interesting and fortunately I managed to get an underwing shot which suggests (I think) a Dark Marbled Carpet rather than Common Marbled Carpet.
Also the time of year would seem to support this !

Dark Marbled Carpet
Other moths included
Willow Beauty x 1
Dark Arches x 1
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing x 1
Light Emerald x 1
Swallowtail x 2
Marbled Beauty x 2
Small Fan-footed Wave x 1
Large Yellow Underwing x 3
Brimstone Moth x 2
Green Oak Tortrix x 1
Light Brown Apple Moth x 1

1 comment:

AndyC said...

DMC for sure...... never had 2 the same...always very smart