Monday, 25 July 2016

Lee Mount - Sunday 24th July

Another interesting couple of hours till midnight in calm and warm conditions and some cloud.
Silver Y x 1
Brimstone x 3
Small Fan-footed Wave x 1
Swallowtail x 5
Large Yellow Underwing x 12
Marbled Beauty x 5
Buff Arches x 1
Ingrailed Clay x 1 (worn looking to check - might have to forget!)
Riband Wave x 1
Common Footman x 1
Small Rivulet x 2
Marbled Minor agg x 3
Scalloped Oak x 2 (new ones for here)
Peppered Moth x 1
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing x 1
Snout x 1
Light Emerald x 1
Green Oak Tortrix x 1
Spectacle x 1
Smoky Wainscott x 1
July Highflyer x 1
Bird-cherry Ermine x 2
Twenty-plume Moth x 1
Twin-spot Plume (still to check out)

 Peppered Moth
2 different Scalloped Oak (new ones for here)

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