Friday, 23 September 2016

Silver Y, Autographa gamma. Plus one other.


A strange thing. I read Colin's post on the Silver Y and next morning, one was clinging to our door. If the photos look odd, it's because the moth was right by the seal above the door. As soon as we opened it, the moth put half its legs on the inside of the seal. It must have been more comfortable. I took a few photos, but it didn't like the flash. Very kindly, it opened it's wings, I've never seen one with wings open. It started to vibrate, I knew it was ready for take off and took one more shot before it flew. To make the images look better I've rotated them 180 degrees. Purists shudder!

There was another moth by the door. For some reason, my vision has been blurred for two days. I'm having trouble looking through books, the Net and typing. Could anyone give me an ID on the green moth please? Thanks.

Silver Y. Autographa gamma


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AndyC said...

Could be Feathered Rannunclus,,,,,very smart got any other pics