Monday, 6 August 2018

Ringby Lane

Mid afternoon, still hot and humid with a breeze, cloudy with sunshine.

Walking up Ringby Lane I had 3 possibly fly-by Wall Butterflies. They were too quick and didn't land. They are tricky in flight and couldn't identify them for 100% so let them go. Or it might have been the same one flying around ??
Later on however I did track one down and managed a record shot
Also up there :-
Small Copper x 4
Large White x 4
Small White x 11
Small Heath x 1 (on the top)
Silver Y x 2
Yellow Shell x 1


AndyC said...

Mid afternoon at fly produced 1 peacock , 100 + Green veined Whites , 3 Large whites and a few Small Whites...its a good year foe Wall Brown at last..

David Sutcliffe said...

Think the whites were all sheltering earlier on.