Saturday, 25 August 2018

Map Mate

Mapmate - The Following link Contains a 2017/ 2018 Patch Fixed edition if any one is installing Map Mate from XP to Window 7 Map Mate

If you are installing from an earlier platform  remember to enable Compatability and tick administrator as indicated in the above link

FEET hold a substantive database which I am in the process of licencing for records held from the North of England . Map Mate allows a range of reporting functions including species specific site maps POST WILL UPDATE

The data we hold on Cromwell Bottom extends over an 19+ year longitudinal study and we will shortly commenting on the plans to "excavate Lagoon 1 "  The comment may be read

HERE  Deep Excavation of Gravel Pit Cromwell Bottom LNR

(link) shortly in due course and has due regard for the invertebrate assemblages including various lepidoptera within the specific   Habitat Mosaics and  linkages as well as other factors . Our data is not a 3 month window on an isolated part of the reserve in an exceptional year and is not restricted to ground sampling alone or limitted vegetative layer (s). Neither has such a view been commissioned with a client brief

We have not yet got round to culminating this data in species atlases maps  but will at some point coordinate this at survey sites of importance  -  Cromwell Bottom LNR being one such Phase 1 recording site , The Invertebrate diversity within CB LNR has provided more than ample taxonomical data in the major groups Syrphiddae, Coleoptera Caddis , Harvestmen , Heteroptera Diptera and Hymenoptera Lepidoptera to provide an informed opinion

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