Wednesday, 6 April 2011

50 moths last night

Hi all, Over 50 moths last night. 8 species of all the usual visitors included this pug. In an effort to get to grips with them a bit more this year I remembered to measure this melanic specimen. WS 23mm. Looking at UK Moths and Hants moths however the Brindled and Oak-tree are both listed as 19-22mm? In the Lancs pugs article it states that the Oak-tree is smaller. Is this info right and is this a melanic brindled? Win


AndyC said...

Id go for a dark/worn Brindled,Oak tree are up to 20mm and brindled are usually bigger than 22mm+ also Oak tree are a bit later..??mid april onwards..All the pugs from hardcastle craggs the other night turnrd out to be brindled and on the night I felt sure at leat 2 were Oak tree....hard work these pugs.............must read more..........ahhhhhh

AndyC said...

In Pugs by Riley and Prior it states that Brindled are 24mm and Oak tree 20mm....all pugs from Hardcastle craggs were 23mm was 26mm

Bennyboymothman said...

It is Brindled but Oak-tree is out right now! Brindled has been out a few weeks already.