Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Thorn Help please

This fine 1917 Early Thorn Selenia dentaria visited my trap on 14th April and I put her in a pot till I could get a photo. Moments later I realised she had laid 7 eggs. That was 12 days ago and the eggs have sat there on the worktop till today when 6 have hatched into vigerous 2mm long caterpillars! I read in W & T that Hawthorn is one of their foodplant so I have put some leaves in the small pot and the whole thing in a small jam jar with pop sock and elastic band on top outside. Hopefully they will come out of the small pot and feed. Have I done the right thing and about how long will the different stages take? Please help. Win


charlie streets said...

If it were me I'd put them in a jam jar with the lid on.It will keep the leaves fresher longer - unless you don't mind chnging them every day.The larvae can be moved with a damp artist paint brush if need be.

When they get larger, then I'd separate them and maybe have the jar open with the nylon on top.

There's some useful photos on Reg Fry's site here:

It shows you the different stages and sizes.Good luck!

Winston said...

Hi Charlie, thanks for the advice. lid now on. will look at that link. Win x

charlie streets said...

Don't forget to muck them out every day and let any condensation evapourate.