Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oak Nycteoline

A Oak Nycteoline last night which is a first for me here in Northowram .Also in 2010 doing the GMS I recorded 34 moths in March this year i recorded 122 moths which shows how mild it has been.Last night moths -
Common Quaker 10
powdered quaker 1
Small quaker    3
hebrew Character 18
Clouded drab    8
Brindled Pug 1
Double striped Pug
Brown house Moth


martynbirder said...

brilliant month, I usually find March a bit up and down, remember 2008 my worst March with not a single moth until the 30th!!!!!

always nice to get a new species, no new ones in March for me but plenty new for the garden

Winston said...

Never seen an Oak N. but we have all had a good march I think. Win

brian leecy said...

Nice Oak nyc,there Andy.