Thursday, 30 June 2016

Beautiful Golden Y

Beautiful Golden Y on Tuesday resting on  Broccoli plants near Queen's Rd. Halifax. I hadn't seen one before and at first thought of a richly-coloured Silver Y, but then noticed the two creamy marks on each wing. It flew before I could get the camera out!

Speckled Wood Butterfly at Skircoat yesterday.

Well out of the area we found three Scarlet Tigers on a nature reserve near Winchester last Thursday, 23rd June. Another new one for me. They were at Winnal Moor on the River Itchen, a short walk from the town centre and teeming with wildlife. Thank you to Annie's smartphone for knowing it :)

 Scarlet Tiger Moth in Hampshire 23.6.16

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AndyC said...

Great photo Steve ..thanks for posting...