Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Beacon Hill Butterflies

Had a group working on Beacon Hill today, so took the opportunity to view the butterflies.

Red Admiral
Small Tortoiseshell
Large White
Small Skipper
Meadow Brown

With the exception of the first 2 there were lots of each species around.


AndyC said...

Good summary that Chris, as I saw the same at Cromwell ,peacocks are very scarce this year i did have a couple of Comma's at Northowram...

Chris said...

I have seen peacock, but they were earlier in the year. Had a gatekeeper in the garden on Tuesday afternoon as well, 3 in one day! There does seem to be more red admirals around this year as well

AndyC said...

I was at Filey last week and Red Admirals were coming in off the sea..had a couple of Painted Ladys so they could be next.........

Chris said...

One of the Facebook group I am a member of has a photo of a painted lady in halifax earlier in July. I'll try find it and see if I can get some info for records.