Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Stainland 5th July.

Three moths today. Actually there are four near the house. The fourth is a Eudonia sp. It's too high for me to reach or ID. First a Marbled Beauty - Bryophila domestica.

Marbled Beauty - Bryophila domestica.

I have spent over two hours trying to ID the next, It has to be common, but having search three moth books, (twice over) and the Internet, I'm just frustrated with not finding in. If someone could ID it for me, I'd be very grateful. Here are two photos. It is about 1.3 cm tip to tail.

ID needed.

This one left me confused. It's most likely Blastobasis lacticolella.
I did wonder if it might be the pale form of Blastobasis adustella.

Blastobasis sp? ID needed.

In Norfolk I saw my first Cinnabar - Tyria jacobaeae caterpillar, Anne found them, there were a great many by the roadside. Also. I saw a LOT of Small Skipper butterflies and Small and Large Tortoiseshell butterflies. To my knowledge, up until then, I've only ever seen one Large Tortoiseshell. There were more Red Admirals than I have ever seen before and a few Comas. They were all a buddleia, in the garden of the cottage we had rented. I didn't think this was the place to show them.


AndyC said...

Short -cloaked moth.........

Gordon Jackson said...

Thank you Andy. That's a first for me.