Thursday, 6 July 2017

Trap from Tuesday 4th July - Copley

Got a new trap so was keen to try it out, a sucessful night with a few I had not seen before (and quite a lot of micros that I cannot identify and a few Waves that i am having trouble with, so any help would be appreciated).

1653 Buff Arches
1754 Pheonix
1817 Foxglove Pug (I think)

1887 Clouded border
1922 Swallow tailed moth x2

1991 Elephant Hawkmoth
2050 Common Footman x 2
2098 Flame x 3
2107 Large Yellow Underwing x 6

Below are the ones I cannot identify - so any help appreciated

Moth 1

Moth 2

Moth 3


Gordon Jackson said...

Moth 1 = Riband Wave. Moth 2 possibly the same. Moth three, Don't want to commit myself, I've photographed one last year and can't find the shot.

AndyC said...

1 is Riband Wave
2 is Common Wave
3 is Small fan footed Wave

Chris said...

Thanks for the id's