Friday, 7 July 2017

Carr Hall Lane, Stainland 7th July UPDATED 8th July

Charlie and I went mothing down Carr Hall Lane. Some nice moths about:

(The updates are in orange font).

Small Magpie
Foxglove Pug
Cinnabar Caterpillars
Eudonia lacustrata - quite a few on walls
Straw Dot
Ectoedemia decentella TBC (Really, it's a Denisia similella)
Momphidae sp. leaf miner. (Will confirm later) Is Mompha raschkiella.

Also 1 photo here no ID yet. (Now have ID, see below).

Seen but not photographed, several Nettle Taps.

Tiny brown, daylight-flying moths round Ash trees. These were Pseudargyratoza conwagana. 

Plenty of Ringlets and Meadow Browns

Small Magpie

Foxglove Pug

Cinnabar Caterpillars

Eudonia lacustrata

Straw Dot (Not a great photo)

Denisia similella, 

Mompha raschkiella,
 on Rosebay willow herb

Celypha lacunana

All in all, a good day out. Thanks to Charlie for the corrections. I'm still waiting for the ID of the last photo.

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charlie streets said...

There were also many species recorded in the leaf mining stage and others that were identified but eluded our cameras. It's amazing how in just a couple of months most of the attention here will have turned to waxcaps, corals and other fungi that proliferates here.