Monday, 17 July 2017

Copley 17th July

Set the trap up last night and came down in the morning to find it knocked off the table and on the floor. Not major damage to trap thankfully.

1175 Bramble shoot moth
1887 Clouded border
1906 Brimstone moth
1917 Early thorn
1956 Common wave x2
2000 Iron prominent
2050 Common footman
2089 Heart and dart
2107 Large yellow underwing x10
2330 Dusky brocade
2477 Snout

There are a couple more but I am working on identifying them and will add when sorted out.


AndyC said...

The wind picked up a bit last night or was it a cat...??

Chris said...

I think it was the wind, in the past I have weighted it down, but must have forgotten last night.

David Sutcliffe said...

Doing well up there Chris. Hope the trap stays upright in future !