Friday, 8 August 2008

firstly thanks to andy for the invite.
dragonflies are my main interest after birds.its getting a bit late in the season for dragonflies but this week i found two good local species
first 2 banded demoiselle at elland gp on wednesday(060808) on the canal,both males.i have only seen this species in calderdale on 2 occasions at elland gp and bradley hall farm.
secondly a black tailed skimmer (female) at green withens res on thursday(070808) i think this species was only recorded in calderdale for the first time in 2004.

banded demoiselle
elland gp

black tailed skimmer
green withens res

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AndyC said...

Good stuff darrel welcome aboard,I have always struggled with dragonflies but have always tried to id then,i had a large Brown Hawker)i think) in the garden today and a Broad bodied Chaser at egp earlier in the year.