Friday, 8 August 2008

Withens Clough Car park

Nice to Nick carter and Martyn last night along with Brian we had a good night.2 UFO spotters turned up as well.??????
Antler moth 54
Large y.U 36
Chevron 2
Northern Spinach 8
Twin Spot carpet 1
Swift sp 1
Smoky Waiscot 10
Common waiscot 4
Gold Spot 5
Dark Archers 12
Straw Dot 1
Minor sp 3
L/C Rustic 4
Lesser Y U 10
Pepple Hook tip 1
Green carpet 4
Riband wave 2
Broad BLYU 1
Purple Bar 10+
Clouded Bordered Brindle 3
Dark Barred twin Spot Carpet 2
Willow Beauty 2
Square Spot Rustic 2
Lesser swallow prominent 5
Small Dotted Buff 1
Dotted Clay 2
Latticed heath 1
and the moth of the night Scalloped Hook Tip


Nick Carter said...

qlThanks for the invite to come along, I really enjoyed it, will hopefully be sorting out a trap before long so be ready for a load of misidentifications from a complete beginner!

oldsoulrebel said...

great night Andy, lets have a few more