Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Old Lady

Old Lady

A few goodies in the garden last night included this stunner feeding on the Buddleia, also another couple of Garden Dart's, Swallow Tailed Moth and Flounced Rustic amongst the more common moths

Garden Dart
Flounced Rustic

This might be a Straw Dot - I'm not sure - anyone got any ideas? - is it a pyralid?


charly streets said...

Hi there (sorry can't remember your name)

Superb shot of the Old Lady, amazing!! Not one I've seen before.

Your Straw Dot (I think ) is the pyralid Udea prunalis.


oldsoulrebel said...

thanks Charly I did think it was probably a pyralid as I get another species very similar to this

I think the Old Lady is pretty widespread in our area but does not visit light much, up here in Pellon, I had one in the garden shed in 2006 and another at work in Hebden Bridge last week so with a bit of luck you will soon find one



charly streets said...

Hi Martyn,
Technically, U. prunalis is no longer a pyralid as most have now been moved to the "new" family Crambidae - as on the UK moth site.