Sunday, 31 August 2008

Svensson's copper underwing.

hi all,just back from hols in cornwall(brilliant moffs) and its nice to see that the blogg has been very active.Trapped a Svensons last night and loads of yellow underwings.Am looking forward to getting out and finding some larvae and leaf mines as well as looking for Northern rustic and Brindled ocre on the moors with a couple of nights light trapping. Annomalous was a good moth Nick in your back garden not many people can say that.


oldsoulrebel said...

Hi Andy
I had a male Anamoulus in the graden on Friday night - while on the subject of Copper Underwings I have had one with the upper part of the palps (is that the right name?) pale and the lower dark!


p.s. count me in for the moorland trapping

AndyC said...

i would not like to say for certain,but most of the Copper underwings up here show pale palps at the top.?was the annomalous a male or a female and what was it attracted to....Mv or actinic light./??? Stick a photo up if you can please.will let you know about the trapping.

oldsoulrebel said...

hi Andy,
sorry, no photo it escaped just as I ws about to photograph it and it was a cracking male!

I've now got a Copper Underwing type with pale palps- would that make it a Copper? - also 34 Svensonn's this month