Saturday, 23 August 2008

Midgley Moths

An interesting evenings mothing with Brian and Martyn, rather cool and breezy with occasional drizzle but still a good opportunity for me to continue the learning curve!
Moths noted were
Chevron 2
Yellow Shell 1
Square Spot Rustic 50++
Common Rustic 10
Anomolus (top photo, an excellent record apparently)
Dark Arches 6
Flame Carpet 1
Small Pheonix 1
Silver Y 1
Common Wainscot 1
Common Marbled Carpet
Snout 1
Shuttle Shaped dart
Grey Chi (middle photo)
And just when I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it I empty the trap this morning and find the moth in the bottom photo, is this a Common Rustic? they appear very variable if it is.
Thanks to Andy for the loan of his MV trap.


oldsoulrebel said...

a good night it was too Nick, shame it was not a bit warmer

not sure what the Moth in the photo is but I don't think it's a Common Rustic, we need a few more ideas on this one


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Nick
Looks like Flounced Rustic to me, but I am a bit rusty on macro moths so check the link below. I had two last night and I recorded them as Flounced.

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Paul, I'll have a look. Just reread the list and realised I didn't include the ubiquitous Large Yellow Underwing (stacks) and the occasional Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Nick
Unless you checked the tackle of your Common Rustics they should be Common Rustic ag. Its impossible to tell (at least I dont think you can be sure by markings alone) between Common and Lesser Common Rustic. I simply put them all down as agregate.

Someone running a trap on the coast came back to his trap the next day and found over 5000 LYU inside !!

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Paul, I need as much of this kind of help as I can get, not finding the moth equivalent of LBJ's easy!

Only five moths in the actinic trap last night four LYU and a Common Rustic agg, dissapointing after the good weather yesterday (or doesn't it work like that?)

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Nick
They are not easy at times and its easy to slip into "well it looks most like that one so thats it" I will tell you a funny story about my mistaken ID of the Sprawler in my first year of trapping at some point. I was told when I started (and to be honest I am re-learning again at the moment due to a long break from trapping) that its the shape of ther markings thats key to any ID and basically try and find species before you consider colour.

Weather wise is was bloody freezing here yesterday with a very storng cold wind. The heavens opened and it teemed down from around 3pm onwards. Last night was as bad it normally gets here in winter according to the locals !! It was hard to stand up never mind set out the moth trap.

As to tips. I suspect I shall be calling greatly over the Autumn and Winter on the knowledge of Halifax birders to help out with birds I see around here.