Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What is this?

I caught this moth a couple of nights ago, (Andy this is the black one I was telling you about), I think it is a very dark Garden Dart - which by the way is a rare Moth in Yorkshire with very few recent records - saying that I have had over 40 in the last two years - the only alternative I can think of is a very small (Garden Dart sized!) Turnip Moth - below are a cpouple of photos of a Garden Darts for reference

While we are on the subject of Garden Dart I had one last night that I will post as soon as I can get a photo

Garden Dart 21/08/2007

Garden Dart 14/08/2006

Now this is one I'm sure about, Gold Spangle, lovely


AndyC said...

Hi Martyn,
This is what Charles Fletcher wrote on Yorkshire yahoo group on the pics.......-I also have very little experience with this species as it doesn't
seem to occur in the Ripon area any more. Most recent confirmed
records (very few!) are from the south of the county. Records from
further north usually turn out to be other species. Your dark
specimen does look very suggestive of Garden Dart - and of course its
name nigricans is suggestive of how dark many specimens are - but I
don't know if it is diagnosable from a photo. I had one very like
this which turned out to be an odd-looking Turnip. Even the
genitalia are very similar to other related species such as White-
line Dart. I'd put a cautious fiver on you being correct here!!

AndyC said...

Sorry charles Fletcher is the moth recorded for VC 64 and 65 and sorts out most of my moth id problems.