Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Field Trip 1 and news from tod

Brian reports finding two 726.Metzneria metzneriella lavae on common knapweed seedheads and 2 larvae on hogweed which he has yet to id(will keep you posted).
Common & Small quakers , Early Greys and Hebrew Characters in trap.
Also planning running the trap at Gorpley Clough on Friday evening if anyone wants to join us.(target Oak Beauty,+ Small brindled Beauty)


charlie streets said...
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Winston said...

Hi all

I'm free and would like to come up. I could also bring some oak beauties with me as there has been one on my front window for 2 day now lol.

Let me know where exactly you are meeting and when

AndyC said...

Brian has started sugaring and I will take some fresh supplies for friday eve.Will meet about 6/30

oldsoulrebel said...

I'll come up if any one can pick me up


AndyC said...

Charlie if you need a lift send an e-mail with your phonr number.

charlie streets said...

Thanks for the offer Andy but to be honest I feel a bit of a burden at times always having to rely on other folk for lifts.I'll carry on moffing local for now, I've got some interesting projects I want to explore this spring and summer.

Good luck with Friday though, it should be a good turnout by the sounds of it and Brian always seems to turn up something good - why don't you have a go at rearing those larvae through that he found, there's a bit on UK moths about it if you click on "show detail" at the bottom of the species page.

Cracking weather today and saw my first butterfly of the year on the allotments - one Peacock.