Thursday, 12 March 2009

Last Night in Hebden (11th March)

Best catch of the year last night –

Oak Beauty 1
Pale Brindled Beauty 1
Common Quaker 1 (First for year)
Small Quaker 1 (First for year)
Yellow Horned 1 (First Ever)
Chestnut 3

Agonopterix heracliana 1

Yellow (or orange) Horned was exciting. First one of these for me. I know this micro is prob Agonopterix heracliana but never really looked into this species before. UK Moths mentiones that A. ciliella is similar but has five brownish lines in the cilia. I must confess to not being able to see these in the photos on there so bit confused. Marks at the base of the wing, yes (in both species) but not in the cilia? Can we say my photo is def. Heracliana. Any advice?



charlie streets said...

Nice shot of the Yellow-horned Winston, right now I'd settle for a Pale-brindled Beauty - one of four species you had last night that I've yet to see, how bad is that?

You won't see the bands on the cilia from your photos unless it takes x-rays. You will have to look at the HINDwing of your moth instead :-)

Winston said...

Thanks Charlie

Didnt read (Nor see the pic) the word "Hindwing" for some reason and also assumed these lines were running 90 deg to those shown. So guess I cant be certain it is Heracliana? Thanks, learn't something there