Monday, 2 March 2009


Confirmation has just come through that Harry has accepted my(CS) P.filicovora record, which is a first for Yorkshire. I went back to the site where I found it and collected several more leaves/plants showing promising signs and will try to rear through anything inside........... Well done to Charlie on this and thanks to Paul for his tips and advice, just goes to show that new species to our area and Yorkshire are continually being found.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

There are hundreds of species amongst the micros not recorded in Calderdale so the scope for new finds is immense. Its even more advantagous now that climate change is allowing a northward creep of species previously only found further South.

Harry Beaumont had never seen the lava of P.filicovora before so only had MOGBI VOl 2 to go on for distribution and the book is out of date now on distribution. This is why Harry did not accept the record from Charly until he saw the photos I sent him and consulted with John Langmaid on its distribution. He never dismissed the record he simply wanted to check it out first. He is now delighted with the record as it not only a Yorkshire first its also the first new species for Yorkshire in 2009. Its now up to the rest of you to get out and try and top Charlies record.

Winston said...

Hi Paul / charlie
Great to follow this thread. I spent yesterday with the walking club, stopping every time I spotted Hearts Tongue fern and having to jogg to catch up. No luck. then today in the middle of Hebden there was a good patch of it, as I was looking under the leaves, turned round to see 2 kids. Mum, whats that man doing. I had to run ! Winston