Monday, 30 March 2009


Brian found loads of these on billberry yesterday any ideas.??


charlie streets said...

Looks like a moth larva.If it were me I'd bring them indoors and carefully transfer them to fresh Bilberry leaves but that's only a suggestion.

AndyC said...

It looks like Brian has at last got on the internet ,I have sent him an invite to join the blogg.It may be Billberry tortrix.?I had another S,Aurella emerge on saturday and still have 1 more to emerge.
I have been sugaring in Pixie wood at CB I will post a few pics of what to look for if you are going down on Tuesday it may well be worth putting a bit more sugar on.!!

Winston said...

Hi Andy, Ok Great

charlie streets said...

It'll be great news to have Brian join the blog, fingers crossed.

Andy, all I can say is I'm glad one of my aurellas emerged or else I would have been well miffed by now:-))
How are you rearing them?

I might bring some sugar with me on Tuesday depending on where we are concentrating on.