Monday, 30 March 2009

Tuesday night

These are the two posts Ive been sugaring in pixie wood,If you go in before dusk you will easily spot them.These is a sallow in the far north corner in full bloom as well.Unfortunatly I am working so I hope its a good outing.


Nick Carter said...

Will have to give this one a miss, thanks for invite though.

Winston said...

charlie, shall we meet at 6.15 near the hospital as usual?

Do we have Brians details. I could pick him up


charlie streets said...

Yep, that'll be great, cheers Winston.

I'm sure at the right times, sallowing is a great way of mothing, but does anyone know of anybody that's actually been successful at it. I've never ever seen a photo of a moth nectaring on sallow yet quite a few people have recommended it!