Friday, 4 September 2009

Anyone ID this micro

Hi all
Like many I have not had the trap out recently, It seems to be raining down here all the time and the odd chance I have put it out has resulted in a flooded trap and I'm fast running out of egg cartons.
Anyway - I found this micro in the garden - actually it has been around for a while just never got the chance to photograph it. I think it is Pyrausta purpuralis, but I'm not sure. Anyone confirm which species it is?


brian leecy said...

Hi Chris,looks like a worn pyrausta aurata to me,as theres usually more yellow on purpuralis,especially near the inner forewing edge.all the best ive a pic of p aurata in gallery.

Chris said...

Thanks Brian

I keep forgetting about the photo gallery, must remember in the future