Thursday, 17 September 2009

Last night ,NMN ,Records etc

Brown spot pinion

Black rustic
A good selection of moths last night included Black Rustic,Brown spot Pinion,Lunar Underwing,Frosted Orange,Spruce carpet,Set heb Character,LYU and Lesser YU.
NMN is at Withens Clough car park meet 8.30 onwards,I amy be a bit late will be there def by 9.30.Trying to send lamp with someone else to set up.
Records ..please could you send any records to me for this year,stating Date,Site(with grid ref if poss)Name of moth and how many.Please dont lump records ie 159 Large Yellow Underwing in August.The more accurate the better.I will put all these records on Mapmate and then send them to the Yorkshire recorder.The Butterfly consevation web site uses these records to add to there excellent distribution maps which can be viewed at the BC web site. if you carnt make it to Withens Clough get your traps on at home ,all the best Andy

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