Sunday, 20 September 2009

Moth night - Hipperholme

Did not do too well down here either,

1 plume moth (got away before I could ID it)
1 Common Marbled Carpet (banded form)
1 Straw Dot
4 Copper Underwings

Have done much better on the butterflies in the garden with
Speckled Wood
Red Admiral
Small Tortoiseshell

Also walk up around Holywell Green this afternoon gave
19 Speckled Wood
1 Small Tortoiseshell
1 Red Admiral
1 Large White
3 Comma


AndyC said...

Wss apoor night all round by the looks of it,but thats the way it goes.We are planning to do some sugaring in Cunnery wood over the winter(starting this week).Will let you know which trees we are going to do.We are sorting it out wenesday at 11 if you could join us.??

Chris said...


I will try to get there on Wednesday morning. I have to go to Bradford sometime that day and it will probably be earlier than 11am.


martynbirder said...

I'll be there Andy