Monday, 28 September 2009

Knott Wood,27 09 09

Hi all,tried a 3 hour session with mv,in mainly birch,12 sp macro 4 sp micros,flounced chestnut 9,autumn green carpet,2 green ,7 red green,19 banded form and 17 dark form of common marbled,9 chestnut,straw dot,2 square spot rustic,2 pink barred sallow,pale/nov moth agg,3 autumnal rustic,large y underwing,905 blastodacna hellerella,2 465 plutella porrectella and eudonia mercurella type ?


martynbirder said...

good gpoing that Brian, it seems very quiet lately


AndyC said...

Nice one Bri seems a very good spot,will try and make the next one.