Friday, 4 September 2009

Atrocious weather

Micro taken in Pixie wood.??

1398 Rush Veneer
Hi all weather is grim for trapping but ive had the trap out in the rain and wind,Svensonns Copper Underwing ,Sallow,Setaceouse Hebrew Character,a few Silver Y's,Rosy Rustice best th.The top photo is a pyralid/type taken in Pixie wood the other night it had a purpleish/gold sheen to it.??Rush Veneer a common migrant but a first for me in Northowram.


charlie streets said...

Andy, at first glance I thought of 1331 Water Veneer but not sure if if the size is right?? Habitat seems suitable.

AndyC said...

Yep ,I thought Water Veneer,but I dont think they occour in Yorkshire.??.There were abour 6/7 of them flying low to the ground.Unfortuntly it took off when taking photos.