Friday, 25 September 2009

Frosted orange

An excellent year for Frosted orange and last night was my 10th of the year including 3 on the 17th .17 Black rustics so far and also good numbers this week of Silver Y,Autumnal and Rosy rustics ,Lunar Underwing,Red Green and Common Marbled carpets.1 Brown Spot Pinion and a lot of Garden rose tortix/Light Brown apple Moth.


martynbirder said...

nice looking Moth that Andy, still very quiet here only 1 Black Rustic so far with odd Angle Shades & Silver Y


Nick Carter said...

Very little for us too, let us know if you ever want to sell your house Andy!

Bennyboymothman said...

only had 6 or 7 Black Rustic's so far, but just the 1 Frosted Orange so far (I only got 1 last year)

Mark said...


We are breeding some butterflies to release into the wild, using a kit from the Natural History Museum.

Please visit caterpillarwatch.blogspot for pictures of their progress.

brian leecy said...

not seen frosted orange down this end,yet !