Sunday, 8 August 2010

Cinnabar Comeback 2010

Found over 80 Cinnabar Larva in the Todmorden area this year 2010.08 didnt find a single 1,09 just 1 larva,it is no help when most of the Ragwort and vegetation has been strimmed or pulled out along the canal towpath as it as been in the Gauxholme area especially this year ! as anyone else found any caterpillars in their areas ?


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Brian
Not Calderdale obviously in my case but relevent given your comments. Here on the Llyn we have literally acres of Ragwort and until this year I had not found a single larvae of Cinnabar. This year I have found TWO plants out of hundreds with larvae.

I have no idea why this species is seemingly scarce here but given the last two years results of 1 adult in flight and two plants with larvea it seems to be a genuine scarce species here.

charlie streets said...

I don't see a lot of Ragwort on my travels but I have noticed Cinnabar larvae on a few plants from various sites this year.I also saw my first adults this year since 2007 - 3 sightings of single moths.

I remember commenting a couple of years ago about the dearth Cinnabar adults. Perhaps it's a more widespread phenomenon?

martynbirder said...

Hi Brian,
I found a lot on Ragwort outside my house at Pellon and also caught 12 adults there this year also a couple of sighting here in Luddenden

TheBaldIbis said...

Had loads on the Ragwort in my garden. I left a few plants after mowing the lawn. They appeared to favour the larger plants bordering the neighbours. I've also seen them at Cold Edge and Cromwell Bottom, but they seem to be spread about with some Ragwort not carrying any cats. Ragwort is toxic to some livestock, so does get cut back heavily, especially on pasture. There is a species of Senneccio used commonly in amenity planting, and I often wondered if Cinnabars would feed on that. It's that milky grey plant with yellow flowers that you see around shopping malls and dual carriageways.