Monday, 30 August 2010

Cromwell Bottom Sun night....

A cold and clear night with some excellent net work keeping us warm. thanks to Bri ,marion ,Ian and Tina.
Acleris emargana 3
Straw Dot 1
Orange swift 1
Clouded border 1
Sq Spt Rustic 8
Flame Sh 1
Flame carpet 1
Canary Shouldered Thorn 2
Sallow 2
July Highflyer 1
Dark Barred Twin spot Carpet 1
Angle Striped sallow 1
Small Phoneix 1
Autumnal Rustic 2
Dotted Clay 1
Lesser YU 2


Bennyboymothman said...

Nice Angle-striped Sallow, a Moth we don't get down this way.

AndyC said...

Bang on with angle striped sallow,its the first Ive seen locally and only the second record for our area,they are getting a lot commoner in Yorkshire.