Friday, 13 August 2010

I Have the Worlds Biggest Moth Trap!!

Well probably not but it got your attention, it's actually the Bus stop I visit each morning and below are photo's of some of the moths I have found there over the last few months and taken on my mobile. I know one is a Large Emerald but id help with the others is welcome (Yellow shell, as well?)


brian leecy said...

Hi,not sure re which crambus top 1 is,2 yellow shell as you said,3 suspected,4 mottled grey,5/6 silver y,7/8 northern spinach,9/10 scoparia species ? 11/12 large emerald as you said,

charlie streets said...

Hi Andrew, assuming there's no dates or sizes available my thoughts are.

1 Agriphila tristella
2 Yellow Shell
3 I'll leave for those who have seen one
4 Mottled Grey
5 Same as 6?
6 Silver Y
7&8 Northern Spinach
9&10 Same moth? Eudonia mercurella
11&12 Large Emeralds.

charlie streets said...

I don't know, I thought this post wasn't going to get commented on so I thought I'd have a stab and then Brian beats me to it :-)

Andrew Huyton said...

Cheers Guys, I'm hoping to get a more reliable trap soon for the site at work and then also better photo's. Charlie 9&10 are of the same moth, should have perhaps made that clearer. Thanks for the help both of you.

AndyC said...

where abouts is this massive trap,??

Andrew Huyton said...

sorry for the slow reply andy, it's at slack top just before widdop rd.