Sunday, 15 August 2010

Tag Loop Today & Help Wanted

A visit to Tag Loop today helped fill in some missing pieces. I was able to get much closer to the Small Coppers here than at Jay House Lane as I could lie down and stalk them with a close-up lens. Being so small and so flighty, it is quite difficult to get close enough to fill the frame with a standard lens, or even a long telephoto.
Whilst many at Jay House Lane colony were on the Creeping Thistle, the thistles at Tag Loop only yielded Meadow Browns, one with odd pale patches on the fore-wings.
The Small Coppers favoured a patch of White Clover along the desire line that leads through some trees towards the weir. They were also nectaring on another plant, amongst the clover,  that looks superficially like heather. A type of Milkweed maybe??? Can anyone put a name to this? Sorry, I don't have a stills no photo.
There were one or two Green-veined Whites kicking about, and one Peacock, with several Gatekeepers along the path, and the ubiquitous Speckled Woods near the trees.

I'm fairly sure that the plant that was crawling with insects yesterday at Jay House Lane was Black Knapweed, which is also present at the edge of Tag Loop, albeit with nothing on it today.

My next question is....anyone got a good site for Purple Hairstreak? I believe there is a spot at Park Wood, Exely,  but I don't know the details re access etc.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Park in the Colliers Arms pub car park on Park rd. Opposite is a playing field go to the right hand bottom corner and you will see a path running up the hill into the crem gounds. Once up the path turn right along the top of the park until you come to the edge of park wood and then follow the wood up the hill. Look out for Oak trees overhanging from the wood into the crem grounds in late evening in full sunshine. Its then a case of watching the Oaks for flying males if they are about.

You could also enter through the main crem entrance as its open until dark and no one bothers if you wander around the grounds.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

For those interested in rearing lepidoptera there is a very good websight at

This also has Reg Frys very good caterpiller site at

You can also exchange larvae and eggs with member of the Entomological Livestock Group at

TheBaldIbis said...

Cheer Paul..will give it a go, first chance I get...when I'm not chasing after invisible redstarts or waders or other such distractions.