Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Lee Mount - 23rd August 2016

Weather a little more favourable at 16c, partly cloudy and calm after a very hot day.
Slow and steady - apart from the Large Yellow Underwings !
Large Yellow Underwing x 37+
Willow Beauty x 1
Parsnip Moth x 1
Barred Fruit -tree Tortrix x 1
Small Phoenix x 2
Phoenix x 1
Bird-cherry Ermine x 1
Silver Y x 1
Square-spot Rustic x 4
Brimstone Moth x 2
Marbled Beauty x 1
Dunbar x 5 and all looking very worn
Shuttle-shaped Dart x 1
Least Yellow Unerwing x 1
Lesser Yellow Underwing x 2
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing x 2
Small Fan-footed Wave x 1
Riband Wave x 1
Copper Underwing agg x 4 - (checking through photos is a bit of a challenge so will probably come back on this one after taking photos of underwing and palps !)
 Silver Y I think though I have never noticed these lovely head markings before !
Willow Beauty

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Colin D said...

A good close up and selection of finds David