Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Lee Mount - 30th August

16c some cloud and very calm evening with 10 macro sp. (mostly the usual recent suspects) and 5 micro sp.- still going through them with a query on the second one down.
 Orange Sallow - the photo does not do justice to the colour - it was much yellower than this shows !
 I couldn't get this Carpet type to open it's wings other than the best I could do here. It looked to have  a raised abdomen with strong dark spots showing on both the upper and underwing - am still trawling through the books but ideas/pointers welcome !

 Angle Shades
 Garden Carpet

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AndyC said...

Orange Sallows are great and pretty scarce in Yorkshire..another good idea... Red green Carpets hold there wings up like this for a long time,,,,,,,