Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Lee Mount - Tuesday 2nd August

Marginally quieter than previous evenings 15c, thick cloud and little wind just in the sheltered spot
Small  Fan-footed Wave x 2
Large Yellow Underwing x 14
Small Rivulet x 1
Swallowtail Moth x 1
Common Lutestring x 1 (well I'm pretty sure that what it was) 2 photos below in different poses
Brimstone Moth x 1
Purple Bar x 1 (new one)
Marbled Beauty x 1
Willow Beauty x 1
Smoky Wainscott x 1 - I think as not too clued up on Wainscotts yet!... photo below
Clay x 1 - pretty sure that is it (photo below) as been looking through all the Wainscotts today then latched on to this one
Scarce Silver-lines x 1
Plain Golden Y x 1
Least Yellow Undwerwing x 1
Eudonias x 5
unidentified 'wave' x1

Don't hesitate to correct any id'd below !
 Smoky Wainscott
 unidentified small 'wave'
 Common Lutestring - this is the same moth in different poses above and below

Purple Bar - best photo I could get in the trap


Linda said...

Lovely photos.

Colin D said...

Try Small Fan Foot Wave for the third Dave 70.013 BF1702
Small Fan-footed Wave Idaea biselata